Exploring eukaryotic evolutionary history

by understanding environmental molecular diversity

Research interests

I am mainly interested in understanding what factors shaped the biological diversity we observe today, especially I am triggered by how and why species interact between them and with the environment. I am studying environmental DNA, what it represents, its phylogenetic relationships, and its ecological preferences to access known and unknown lineages.


In 2013 I completed a BSc in Biology from Oviedo University (Spain), with a specialty in ecology. Then I received in 2015 an international MSc degree in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (EMBC) in Ghent University (Belgium). ‚ÄčOn November 2019 I defended my PhD thesis at the Biological Station of Roscoff (France), in which I explored the molecular diversity and evolution of Radiolaria. I have recently carried out a postdoctoral project at Uppsala University (Sweden) in which I explored main biotic interactions during early life of eukaryotes. After parental leave, I joined the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC - Pompeu Fabra University, Spain) where I am exploring the evolution of the vast undescribed diversity of microbial eukaryotes that we only know from their short environmental DNA sequences.

Personal interests

In my free time I always try to go rock climbing. Besides, I also enjoy other sports such as swimming, running, juggling, hiking or a bit of surfing or skiing. In general, I would join any kind of activity, especially if it is outdoors and in good company I would go anywhere.