Exploring eukaryotic evolutionary history

by understanding environmental molecular diversity

Research interests

I am interested in understanding which factors shaped the biological diversity we observe today. In particular, I investigate the impact of biotic and abiotic interactions on the evolutionary history of eukaryotes. To do so, I study environmental DNA, what it represents, its phylogenetic relationships, and its ecological preferences to access both known and unknown lineages. The fossil and rock records further allow me to contextualize such findings in a global paleo-ecological framework.


In 2013 I completed a BSc in Biology from Oviedo University (Spain), specialising in ecology. Then I received in 2015 an international MSc degree in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (EMBC) from Ghent University (Belgium). ‚ÄčIn November 2019 I defended my PhD thesis at the Biological Station of Roscoff (France), in which I explored the molecular diversity and evolution of Radiolaria. Later on, I carried out a postdoctoral project at Uppsala University (Sweden) where I explored the enigmatic early life of eukaryotes and gained novel insights into their evolutionary history. After parental leave, I joined the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF, Spain), where I am exploring the vast undescribed diversity of microbial eukaryotes that we only know from their short environmental DNA sequences and their impact on eukaryotic diversity and evolution.

Personal interests

In my free time I always try to go rock climbing. Besides, I also enjoy other sports such as swimming, running, juggling, hiking or a bit of surfing or skiing. In general, I would join any kind of activity, especially if it is outdoors and in good company I would go anywhere.