Hands-on courses for the exploration of molecular environmental diversity

Scripts and pipelines for the exploration of molecular diversity

Oligonucleotide design

The OligoN-design GitHub repository describes a pipeline for the high-throughput design of specific primers or probes for further molecular analyses, such as Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) or PCR amplification.

Wet-lab protocols for single-cell

DNA amplification

Here you can find protocols for single-cell ribosomal DNA extraction and amplification of Nassellaria and Spumellaria (Radiolaria).

Scanning electron and confocal microscopy imaging of silica skeletons

Here you can find a protocol for cleaning and staining of silica skeletons for confocal microscopy imaging (CM) and a protocol for cleaning and mounting silica skeleton for scanning electron microscopy imaging (SEM). In general this protocols will work for most skeleton that do not dissolve on water.


16 silhouettes of Radiolaria

I have deposited in the PhyloPic database 16 silhouettes of Radiolaria to the public domain for further presentations, manuscripts and outreach purposes.
These silhouettes are rendered from real scanning electron microscopy images, and I'm slowly rendering and uploading more.